Stablehouse vault FAQ

What makes your custody solution unique?

Our custody solution is integrated, flexible, and highly secure. It offers a comprehensive set of features that protect your assets against theft, loss, and bankruptcy.

How is your platform protected against bankruptcy filings?

We have taken proactive steps to ensure that our platform is fully bankruptcy remote. In collaboration with top bankruptcy lawyers, we have implemented measures that legally protect our clients' funds in the unlikely event of our company filing for bankruptcy. This means that your funds cannot be blocked by bankruptcy filings, providing you with peace of mind.

Are funds still bankruptcy remote during money movements such as deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, even during money movements such as deposits and withdrawals, your funds remain bankruptcy remote. We have designed our system to ensure continuous protection, mitigating any potential risks associated with bankruptcy.

How are assets managed within your custody solution?

Our custody solution offers both segregated and integrated asset management options. In segregated custody accounts, your assets are not commingled with others, providing an added layer of security. Additionally, you can also enjoy the benefits of trading and asset management within the same ecosystem, minimizing counterparty risks from unregulated exchanges. This integrated approach allows for convenient all-in-one reporting.

What security measures are in place to safeguard my assets?

We have built our custody solution on top of industry-leading technology provider Fireblocks, which is SOC 2 compliant. Our platform incorporates multi-party computation (MPC) technology to protect against single points of failure. Additionally, we have implemented robust governance and controls to ensure the highest level of security. Furthermore, our custody solution is insured against crime, and clients have the option to purchase additional insurance to fully safeguard their funds.

Is your custody solution regulated?

Yes, our custody solution is one of the few that is regulated. We are accountable to the Bermuda Monetary Authority and adhere to Bermuda's Custody code of practice. Our operations undergo audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, providing you with a trustworthy and regulated environment.

Can I independently monitor the activity of my assets?

Absolutely! Clients have the ability to independently monitor the activity of their segregated wallet directly on the blockchain. This transparency enables you to stay informed about the movements and transactions of your assets, enhancing trust and accountability.


We hope this FAQ provides you with a comprehensive understanding of our integrated, flexible, and secure custody solution. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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