How does Stablehouse generate returns?

In a nutshell, we deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by building a diversified portfolio of primarily short-term, secured/overcollateralized loans, largely within, but not limited to, the crypto industry. We believe that the crypto economy is an extension of the traditional economy, and should not exist in a vacuum.

We generate returns in two main ways, neither of which depend on cryptocurrency prices.

  1. Extending Credit - We lend assets to a panel of credit-committee-approved, fully vetted counterparties and charge interest that we then share with you. Those counterparties may require working capital in crypto or in fiat and can be found in both crypto and traditional industries. All loans are currently over-collateralized.
  2. Providing Liquidity - We enable people to trade in cryptocurrencies through our platform. In doing so, we act as a marketplace, charging a spread on trades and hedging net market exposures. To be clear, we are not taking any directional positions. We are not exposed to either the upward or downward price movements of those assets.


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