Password FAQs

Why is creating a strong password important?

Creating a strong password is essential as it serves as your first line of defense against cyber attacks. A strong password significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your accounts, protecting your sensitive information and personal data.

How is the strength of a password calculated?

The strength of a password is determined by two main factors: the number of characters used and the combination of different character types. The more characters in your password and the greater the variety of character types (numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters), the stronger and more secure your password becomes.

Can I use any characters in my password?

While we do not enforce the use of "special characters" in your password, it is important to ensure that your password meets our security requirements. This means your password should be strong enough to withstand potential attacks. We recommend using a combination of numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters to increase the strength of your password.

How are the possible password variations calculated based on length and character combinations? 

Here's a breakdown of the possible password variations based on different combinations:

  • If your password consists of 10 numbers, there are 10¹⁰ possible variations.
  • If your password combines 12 numbers and lowercase letters, there are 36¹² possible variations.
  • If your password includes 14 numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters, there are 62¹⁴ possible variations.
  • If your password contains 16 numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters, there are 86¹⁶ possible variations.

Remember, the more characters and character types you include in your password, the exponentially higher the number of possible variations, making it more difficult for attackers to guess or crack your password.

It is worth noting that password length and complexity alone cannot guarantee absolute security. Regularly updating your passwords and using additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, are highly recommended to further enhance your account security.


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