How do I withdraw cash from my account?


You must have a fiat balance in order to withdraw in cash. This means that you will have to sell your cryptos in exchange of a fiat currency you want. Click here to learn how to sell crypto.


Step 1: Log in to your Stablehouse account

Step 2: On your dashboard, scroll down to see the assets you own then click on the vertical ellipsis on right and click Withdraw cash.

Step 3: Select the fiat you want to withdraw

Step 4 : Add back details

Step 6: Enter code to confirm your bank details

Step 5: Confirm your withdrawal




Alternative (This only works if you have fiat)

  • On your dashboard, under your total balance, you will see a vertical elipsis icon if you already have fiat on your account. Click on the said icon and click Withdraw cash.
  • Follow Steps 3 to 6.




NOTE: You will only be able to select the currency that you have on your account.



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