The merge was a success

The Ethereum merge was completed successfully! After years of planning, the vast Ethereum ecosystem has moved to proof-of-stake, ushering in a new era for digital assets

There is no direct action you need to take. Your assets on Stablehouse are safe and your current ETH balance will continue to be visible as ETH.

What about forked ETH? Stablehouse will subject any newly forked token(s) to the same strict review process that we follow before making any token available for trading. Though it is not guaranteed that any such tokens will be made available for trading, if it is supported by exchanges and economically viable, we will consider listing it.

All ETH deposited on Stablehouse and all ETH received as loan collateral remains safe and will transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Ethereum.

A small portion of the Ethereum community is planning to support the older Proof-of-Work (PoW) alternative, and we are tracking this development closely. We are currently not planning to support the PoW asset when the merge happens. That said, we will consider listing it if it makes economic sense for all of us. 

Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about the merge, we’ve curated some of the best and latest resources for you. 

  1. The Merge: Everything you need to know about Ethereum's big upgrade: The Block summarizes the salient highlights of the merge.
  2. Ethereum Merge Soon! Risks & Opportunities for ETH: The Coin Bureau succinctly outlines the risks and opportunities of the merge.
  3. PoW vs. PoS: Securing the Chain: Kraken provides a detailed report about the differences between the PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms. 
  4. The Bull and Bear Case for the Merge: Anthony Sassano provides a detailed analysis of the merge’s political and economic implications.


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